The Secret Ingredient to a Balanced Life

Life has felt a bit strange the past couple of weeks.  Not abnormal, but not normal.  Just strange.  (See It feels like an earthquake) And an unexpected epiphany has happened within me.  I am remembering what my vision is. 

One aspect of my vision had become so important to me that it had started to grow out of proportion and take over my life to the extent that my life was becoming lop-sided and my vision was slipping away.  It’s easy for this to happen; we get too focused on a behaviour problem, or teaching a child a particular skill, or making the timetable work whatever the cost… And then the beautiful goals and visions we started with become vague memories behind us. 

But the past week I have felt a need to slough off the unimportant and reinstate my vision for a balanced life in our family.  And I was reminded that a balanced life is made up of a million tiny things.

Tiny things such as paying attention to a child when he is nearby and wants to chat;  being there, in the moment, with your child, is a gift to both you and him.  Spending time picking a couple of flowers and arranging them in a vase; this can soothe and comfort the spirit in a deep and simple way. 


Having time to sit and chat with a friend, or read an extra chapter of a book to a child… And so it goes on. These things give meaning and richness to life. 

And this week, I feel like I am gathering up the tiny threads of golden moments and the minutiae of daily life as mother in a family, and focusing again on the important things in life. 

How balanced is your life today?  If it’s getting unbalanced, take time for the little things which are actually important in your life.  These little things are what that makes your life ‘golden’.  If you lose some money you can earn some more, but if you lose time, it’s gone forever.  Set aside time today for those little things that matter in your family.  Be with your children.  Make your home beautiful in a gentle way.  


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