A Highly Recommended Advent Calendar/Book

I want to tell you about a FABULOUS Advent Calendar/book.  It’s called The Story of Christmas Advent Calendar By Mary Packard, Illustrated by Carolyn Croll.

It consists of a large board triptych (three part panel).  It opens like double doors and stands on a table or a shelf.  Inside there are 24 mini-books, each telling a little bit of the story of Christmas.  You take out a book each day and read it.  Then the mini-book can hang on a Christmas tree.

This is a lovely book for young children,  but you will find that older children, and even teens will love the fun of the tiny books and the continuing story. In fact, I didn’t discover this book until my youngest child was already in her teens.  The calendar very quickly established itself as a treasure in our family to pull out year after year. I just wish I had found it earlier.  The Story of Christmas Advent Calendar

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