Art Appreciation in Auckland

At last!  A rare opportunity for people within striking distance of Auckland to experience some cool art appreciation! (And a discount on one of my study guides – read on.)

Rembrandt Remastered is described as ‘a remarkable collection of digitally remastered and life size paintings from  one of the world’s greatest painters of all time. Each work reproduced exactly as it may have left the master’s studio nearly 400 years ago.’

The exhibition has been in Wellington for a month and will be in Auckland for a month, starting today. You can read more about it here: Rembrandt Remastered

I am really looking forward to seeing this exhibition myself, and I also have a booklet entitled A Visit to the Art Gallery which will be very useful for anyone planning to see this exhibition with their children

You can read a review of the booklet here: A Visit to The Art Gallery.  If you use the special code ‘REMBRANDT’ you will get a discount as well.  The discount code is valid until the end of September 2015.

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