How to teach your child to read

Learning to read marks a stage in growing up.  It’s a special time and it can be so much fun. But how to start?  Do you initiate reading or does the child?  Is there a right age to start?  I think that with children under the age of seven it’s best to let the child lead; if you are reading heaps to your child … Continue reading

Special Price Offer

I am always on the lookout for special offers for you, and this week I am really happy to report that I’ve come across a fabulous discount on a popular math and phonics program. 35% off the retail price of Saxon products for a limited period! Saxon Math Saxon is most famous for its complete homeschool mathematics program. Its strengths are its systematic … Continue reading

How to Read a Book

This week’s book is aimed at the upper-age-group-end of the homeschool community.  “How to Read a Book” is a classic which was written by Mortimer Adler and first published in 1940. It was updated with the help of Charles Van Doren in 1972. This book really is a course on how to approach and understand different kinds of books at … Continue reading

Fingerless Gloves Pattern

Free Knitting Pattern Fingerless Gloves    This pattern is for a very simple style of fingerless gloves or wrist warmers. The gloves are knitted in a soft four-ply yarn.  I knitted mine in soft black angora.  The glove here is for a woman’s hand.  You can vary the size of the gloves and so make them for children or men … Continue reading

Five Rules of Writing

When we are teaching our children to write it’s not uncommon to wonder if there are rules of writing that should be obeyed.  It’s also easy (and unwise) to wonder what children in school are learning and then try and cover all that the schools cover. And even though it’s helpful to have a good writing programme, you often come across … Continue reading

Talking To Toddlers

Just a quick note to tell you about a special Mothers’ Day offer that I heard about.  It’s a parenting course on MP3.  It’s called “Talking to Toddlers” and there is a fabulous 50% off for Mothers’ Day.  I have reached a stage in my mothering where I rarely hear or read something new about parenting.  It’s often the same … Continue reading

NZ Robotics Team Wins Again!

The New Zealand homeschool robotics team, Free Range Robotics, has WON the tournament at the Vex Robotics World Championships in Dallas. The way the tournament works is that the teams work through qualifying matches which gives the top teams the opportunity to form alliances with other teams from their division and play through a set of finals to find the … Continue reading

Secrets of Making Perfect Hot Cross Buns

We made our Hot Cross Buns this morning.  It’s part of our Easter tradition. And everyone loves them! I thought I would give you my own personal recipe and include all my secrets and tips.  If you follow these instructions you will be sure that your Hot Cross Buns are delicious, light and healthy.  The instructions are detailed, but making … Continue reading