Book Reviews From Young Men 2

Books are great for Christmas presents and for Christmas stockings, but often we struggle to find titles that will suit older boys. So I am delighted to have some book reviews from young men. These reviews are from Nathan Campbell. (Thank you Nathan.) Enjoy!       The Valley Between by Lily A. Bear Reviewed by Nathan Campbell. Age 14. … Continue reading

Book Reviews From Young Men 1

Books are great for Christmas presents and for Christmas stockings, but often we struggle to find titles that will suit older boys.  So I am delighted to have some book reviews from young men. These reviews are from Seth Campbell.  (Thank you Seth.)  Enjoy!     “King’s Arrow”  by Douglas Bond Reviewed by Seth Campbell. Age 13 Time period: 1679 Summary: Angus M’Kethe … Continue reading

Long-term Effects of Day Care

I don’t usually discuss or publish this sort of thing at Homeschool Family Life, but for various reasons, this subject is important to me at the moment. So I am stepping out of my comfort zone to share this with you. This little article is from Jonas Himmelstrand, founder and director of The Mireja Institute, Sweden. He has been a consultant in business for … Continue reading

A Garden in a Box

Guest Post By Dorinda Duthie Photos By Angela Robb If you don’t already have a veggie garden and want to start growing something with your children you might like to set up a mini vegetable garden in a box.  Here’s how. Buy *    A bag of organic vegetable mix *    A tomato plant suitable for container growing eg patio, cherry … Continue reading

Books for You for Advent

The month of December can be a few weeks of stress and chaos as we try to fit in all the extra activities and preparations for Christmas, or it can be a rich time of thoughtful and prayerful preparation for this wonderful celebration of the Incarnation. More than likely though, it will be a bit of both. Having a personal Advent devotional book is … Continue reading

I Can See It!

There was a solar eclipse of the sun last week.  Here in Auckland we got a good view of it.  They say that 83% of the sun’s surface was covered. At its height, we got an impression of looking at the world through sunglasses. And the really big and surprising thing that we noticed was there was no heat in the … Continue reading

Unplug The Christmas Machine

Unplug the Christmas Machine  by Jo Robinson and Jean Staeheli is a comprehensive guide to managing Christmas stress and combating commercialism. It is full of ideas for making Christmas a simpler, more meaningful celebration. It’s the most useful book on Christmas on my book shelf, and it’s probably the most useful Christmas book I’ve ever read.  It really is fabulous! The book … Continue reading

Book Review – The Princess and More

Book review written by Angie Fraser.  I have just read my eleven-year-old homeschooled girls “The Princess, The Crone and the Dung-Cart Knight” by Gerald Morris. He writes books set in medieval England using characters from Camelot with a spot of fantasy and originality thrown in. He is a Methodist minister from Wisconsin and wrote me a very friendly and fun … Continue reading

Don’t Buy Toys For Your Children

We’re heading into the Christmas season and the pressure is on from all sides to spend, spend, spend, particularly on toys for children. Now, one of the things that I have always tried to avoid with our children is buying toys for them.  That sounds pretty extreme doesn’t it?  No toys.  How sad! It’s not really sad.  Because we focused … Continue reading

An Easy Way to be Ready for Christmas

We’re in November already, with just over 50 days until Christmas.  And for us as mothers in a homeschooling family, Christmas usually means extra work.  And lots of it.  There are gifts to buy and wrap, cards to write and send, and food to buy and cook.  We’ll also want to teach the Nativity story to our children, and possibly do some … Continue reading