A Good Laugh and a Long Sleep

If you are feeling tired or discouraged read on. Have you seen a programme called “The IT Crowd”?  I’ve seen bits of episodes now and again, and the thing that sticks in my mind from this sit com about an office IT department is the question the IT guys often ask those who phone him for help.  He always says … Continue reading

Free Easter Book

I’ve made a little book about Easter for you.  It has some passages for you to contemplate on, and some ideas for you to use when working with your children.  There are recommendations for pictures, hymns, books and activities, and some recipes. You can download the book here: Click here I will be removing the link in a week or two, … Continue reading

What I’ve Been Doing?

I’ve been busy lately, really busy working at my desk on changing some background things at Homeschool Family Life. I have updated all my courses.  (Very big job.) I’ve been looking for a new online store because I know the current one is unfriendly and clunky and I can’t make changes to it.  Hopefully I will find something that will … Continue reading

Little Pear by Eleanor Frances Lattimore

Suitable for new readers age six and over. 104 pages, nine chapters, illustrated with cute black and white drawings on every page. Reviewed by Stephanie Walmsley Little Pear is written by an American woman who was born and brought up in Shanghai in the early part of the twentieth century.  The story is about a five-year-old boy who lives in … Continue reading

Do You Work?

Do you ever get asked if you work? Hmmm…  How to answer a question like that? A few years ago one of our young adult children brought a new friend home.  I like meeting people and I was soon chatting with this guy, finding out about his interests and his family.  The big thing that I remember is the way … Continue reading

What Children Really Need At Christmas

In general, people ask Christmas to do too much for them. You just can’t expect Christmas to be everything that all the media hype tells you it could or should be. An important point for me to remember during December is “rest is not selfishness”. It might help to know that research shows what children really need and want for … Continue reading

Christmas Preparations

If you are rushing to get organized for Christmas don’t forget my lovely Christmas Planner which has all you  need to be organized for Christmas 2014. And if you are on my email list you will receive a discount code for these items in my November newsletter. The A4 size planner is here: The Homeschooler’s Christmas Planner. And the American … Continue reading

From My Window

I’m fascinated and thrilled by the wonderful views from our new abode in the country. Spring is showing up everywhere; for example, this is the view out of the window from my desk:   And this is what I saw out of the window the other afternoon when I walked into the bedroom.  That’s my favourite one-year-old with his mummy… And finally, a … Continue reading

How The World Views Homeschooling Mums

Life has been far from ordinary recently as we have moved from a busy suburb to a house in the country.  We are now delighting in the wonderful view we have and being entertained by the lambs escaping from their paddock, running across the lawn and then struggling to get back to Mama, or the sheep getting into the orchard … Continue reading