Great and Simple Pleasures

Fathers Day called for a special family afternoon tea with best china, scones, home made jam and mascarpone cheese (which replaces the Cornish clotted cream I’ve only ever tasted in England).  This is always something of a ritual at our house; something to look forward to, enjoy and remember fondly. Not that long ago I had the great pleasure of … Continue reading

My Opus Magnum

I finally ticked ‘make lemon marmalade’ off my ‘to do’ list.  Apart from the fun and satisfaction that I got from making the marmalade, it was good to tick something off my long ‘to do’ list. A friend of mine once described life as being like running after a bus and never quite catching it.  She also said that she … Continue reading


Last Friday afternoon it poured down with rain which called for cosiness and spoiling yourself a bit. Miss 14-year-old and I had just got back from her fitness class and we decided to treat ourselves to coffee and our current favourite of a dark chocolate Kit Kat, shared. We settled down for a peaceful time together and looked through one … Continue reading

Golden Moments

I really enjoy spending time with my favourite nearly-two-year-old.  The other day we were having morning tea together when I decided to take advantage of the mild, sunny weather, and stroll around the garden inspecting seedlings, flowers and trees, and also tugging out a couple of weeds here and there.  Mr Two-year-old got his gum boots on to join me, … Continue reading

Avoiding the Flu

All the talk, lately, about avoiding swine flu reminds me of how horrible flu is.   A few years ago I got flu and that developed into pneumonia.  It was an expensive business; the doctor visits and medication added up.  I also was unhappy about not being able to teach my children properly, I missed out on events, and I felt … Continue reading