Book Review Theodore Boone

Here’s a fabulous little book to pop into your teen’s Christmas stocking.  It would suit reluctant readers simply because it’s such a readable book, and it will appeal to boys, too.  Read Monica’s review…

Theodore Boone By John Grisham

Suitable for readers age 13 +

Theodore Boone Kid LawyerJohn Grisham usually writes lawyers stories for adults, but he has also started a new series for young adults. Theodore Boone, or Theo for short, is the inquisitive thirteen-year-old son of two well-respected lawyers. His mother is a divorce lawyer; his father a real-estate lawyer.

Theo has grown up with law as a major part of his life, he plans on being a lawyer when he’s old enough and spends most of his free time either in his small ‘office’ at his parents’ firm or watching cases at the court house. He knows most of the lawyers, judges and policemen in town and has a reputation with his friends as being the one to go to when in legal trouble.

In the second story about Theodore, Theodore Boone – The Abduction, when Theo’s best friend, April, goes missing Theo is devastated. How can his knowledge of the law help him now? Is April dead? Is she being held hostage? Theo’s uncle, Ike, has a theory, so does Theo, so do the media. Who is correct?Theodore Boone - The Abduction

John Grisham is a captivating writer and his books simply beg to be read. In this book he has expertly balanced the tension and drama of April’s abduction with light-hearted, comedic scenes. And in Theo he has created a likeable protagonist who is easy to relate to. However be forewarned that this book could cause an irrational longing to be a lawyer.

Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer  The first book in the series by John Grisham.

Theodore Boone – The Abduction The second book in the series by John Grisham.


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