Books for You for Advent

The month of December can be a few weeks of stress and chaos as we try to fit in all the extra activities and preparations for Christmas, or it can be a rich time of thoughtful and prayerful preparation for this wonderful celebration of the Incarnation. More than likely though, it will be a bit of both. Having a personal Advent devotional book is … Continue reading

Unplug The Christmas Machine

Unplug the Christmas Machine  by Jo Robinson and Jean Staeheli is a comprehensive guide to managing Christmas stress and combating commercialism. It is full of ideas for making Christmas a simpler, more meaningful celebration. It’s the most useful book on Christmas on my book shelf, and it’s probably the most useful Christmas book I’ve ever read.  It really is fabulous! The book … Continue reading

Book Review – The Princess and More

Book review written by Angie Fraser.  I have just read my eleven-year-old homeschooled girls “The Princess, The Crone and the Dung-Cart Knight” by Gerald Morris. He writes books set in medieval England using characters from Camelot with a spot of fantasy and originality thrown in. He is a Methodist minister from Wisconsin and wrote me a very friendly and fun … Continue reading

The Hunger Games – A Review

A lot of parents are hearing about ‘The Hunger Games’ from their teens and when they discover what the plot is about they are horrified and disgusted. It sounds like a gross trick being played on modern teens, and the parents are reluctant to become involved or allow their teens to be involved in reading the books or watching the … Continue reading

Book Review – Mindless Eating

Mindless Eating; Why We Eat More Than We Think By  Brian Wansink, Ph.D. Reviewed by Monica Walmsley Mindless Eating is about lifestyle; it’s not a temporary, quick-fix diet book, it’s not about how to lose ten pounds in ten days, it’s not about losing weight for a special event only to pile it on again afterwards. It’s about changing your … Continue reading

Book Review – Shakespeare by Bill Bryson

Reviewed by Monica Walmsley Shakespeare; The World as a Stage In his book Shakespeare Bill Bryson goes on an in-depth exploration into the life, times and background of William Shakespeare. He talks about topics ranging from Shakespeare’s name and signature to the different monarchs he worked under. He gives little-known information not only about the man himself and his plays … Continue reading

Book Review – Pilgrim’s Progress

Retold by Gary D. Schmidt Reviewed by Monica Walmsley Pilgrim’s Progress In this retelling of the classic masterpiece by John Bunyan, Gary D. Schmidt does an excellent job of engaging the reader. There is an innocence about the characters and the way the story is told that is very satisfying. It is pleasant to read and easy to follow, the … Continue reading

Book Review Theodore Boone

Here’s a fabulous little book to pop into your teen’s Christmas stocking.  It would suit reluctant readers simply because it’s such a readable book, and it will appeal to boys, too.  Read Monica’s review… Theodore Boone By John Grisham Suitable for readers age 13 + John Grisham usually writes lawyers stories for adults, but he has also started a new series for … Continue reading

Advent Devotional Recommendations

It’s Advent.  A time of spiritual preparation for Christmas.  You may have seen many of the children’s Advent devotionals, but have you got one for yourself yet?  I have three Advent devotionals to recommend: ‘Jesus Calling’ This is a free online Advent devotion.  I haven’t used it before, but I’ve signed up for this year:  Jesus Calling ‘God is in … Continue reading

The Wednesday Wars – Book Review

The Wednesday Wars By Gary D. Schmidt Published 2007 by Sandpiper Reviewed by Monica Walmsley Holling Hoodhood is a thirteen-year-old, struggling with home life, school life and his form teacher, Mrs Baker, in New York in the 1960s. With half of his class being Jewish and having to attend Hebrew School at Temple Beth-El on Wednesday afternoons and  the other … Continue reading