Recipe Month – Recipe 2

This is the second recipe for October Recipe Month.  Fiona posted this on and Diane tried it and made comments.  It’s certainly simple and passes the ‘yummy’ test. Broccoli and Chicken Bake Recipe from Fiona Taylor’s mother-in-law With comments and suggestions from Diane Scheepers Serves four or five. Double the recipe for larger families. Ingredients *  ½ a large broccoli *  … Continue reading

Recipe Month – Recipe 1

This is my first recipe for you for October Recipe Month.  It’s an easy recipe – it’s so easy that you can teach it to any child who is able to chop veggies. Bacon and Potato Bake Serves 4 Ingredients: *  4 large potatoes, (leave unpeeled if you use organic) cut into cubes *  150 grams (6 oz) bacon slices, cut into … Continue reading

What’s For Dinner?

I was having a very busy day recently, and I finally plopped down, mid-afternoon with a cup of tea, took a breath and considered what else I needed to get through before dinner time.  Then it dawned on me that I didn’t have a single thing planned for dinner. I wasn’t worried because I just thought that I would produce … Continue reading

6 Ways to Save Money at the Supermarket

(And three frustration relievers to make the trip more bearable) Rising food and fuel costs mean that we are constantly being challenged to make our dollars stretch further. And as homeschooling mothers, we really need to stretch those dollars, as most of us are managing on one salary.  I’ve got a few tips here to help you shop wisely and … Continue reading