Notes for Easter 2014

The dates for Easter 2014 are: Maundy Thursday – 17 April Good Friday – 18 April Easter Sunday – 20 April Some information on Easter and Lent traditions: Why Bother With Tradition? Easy, fun Easter cards for children to make: The Easiest and Most Fun Easter Cards Here’s my famous Hot Cross Bun recipe: The Secrets of Making Perfect Hot … Continue reading

Thoughts on Homeschooling Success

Happy New Year! At about this time of the year most people will have given up on their New Year Resolutions, which usually consist of trying to lose weight, living more healthily, and going to bed earlier.  For homeschooling parents, we can add promising ourselves to read to our children more frequently and to shout at them less. When we … Continue reading

Darkness to Light

Sunday 1 December is the first day of Advent, the start of preparing for Christmas in Christian tradition. I thought you might like to see these wonderful photos of the annual “Darkness to Light Procession” at Salisbury Cathedral in England.  It’s absolutely magnificent, and worth a quick peep. Darkness to Light. You might enjoy looking at my eBook, ‘It’s Only … Continue reading

Permanently Reduced Prices

After nearly a year of incubating ideas and options, I’m glad to say that I will be continuing to support homeschooling families during 2014. As a homeschooling mother you are working so hard to give your children the very best in parenting, education and lifestyle.  Good for you!  I am here as your cheerleader and encourager when so many would … Continue reading

Notes for Easter

I’ve just put together some quick notes to help you prepare for Easter with your children. Dates for Easter 2013 are: Maundy Thursday – March 28. Good Friday – March 29. Easter Sunday – March 31. Some information on Easter and Lent traditions: Easy, fun Easter cards for children to make: Here’s my famous Hot Cross Bun recipe: … Continue reading

No Matter How Much You Love Christmas

No matter how much you love Christmas… No matter how organised you are… No matter how much you are enjoying this season of Advent… At some stage over the next two weeks you will have at least one moment when you will wonder why on earth you agreed to do half the things you are doing.  You will wonder how … Continue reading

Focus on Saint Nicholas

Who Was He? December 6 is the feast day of Saint Nicholas. Nicholas was a Christian living in the Roman province of Lycia (part of modern day Turkey) during the fourth century.  We know very little about his life, except that he was a man of great faith and he became the Bishop of Myra in Lycia.  Nicholas was known … Continue reading

A Garden in a Box

Guest Post By Dorinda Duthie Photos By Angela Robb If you don’t already have a veggie garden and want to start growing something with your children you might like to set up a mini vegetable garden in a box.  Here’s how. Buy *    A bag of organic vegetable mix *    A tomato plant suitable for container growing eg patio, cherry … Continue reading

I Can See It!

There was a solar eclipse of the sun last week.  Here in Auckland we got a good view of it.  They say that 83% of the sun’s surface was covered. At its height, we got an impression of looking at the world through sunglasses. And the really big and surprising thing that we noticed was there was no heat in the … Continue reading

Don’t Buy Toys For Your Children

We’re heading into the Christmas season and the pressure is on from all sides to spend, spend, spend, particularly on toys for children. Now, one of the things that I have always tried to avoid with our children is buying toys for them.  That sounds pretty extreme doesn’t it?  No toys.  How sad! It’s not really sad.  Because we focused … Continue reading