The Easiest and Most Fun Easter Cards Ever

One of the nicest ways to help children to prepare for Easter is to help them make Easter cards. And I’ve got instructions here for making the simplest and sweetest Easter card that even tiny people can join in on and the older ones will enjoy the novelty of making. The instructions are in two parts:   Part 1 1. … Continue reading

Why Bother With Tradition

Tradition Do you remember in the movie, Fiddler on the Roof, what Tevye says about tradition? He says: ‘How do we keep our balance? That, I can tell you in one word – tradition! Because of our traditions we’ve kept our balance for many many years. … Because of our traditions every one of us knows who he is and … Continue reading

Five Tips to Keep Motivated in Homeschooling

We live in a constant state of ebb and flow, don’t we? Sometimes we are up and eager and bursting with ideas and enthusiasm for homeschooling, and sometimes we are flat, unmotivated and can barely muster the energy to get through the day or speak in a civilised way to our young people. For those ‘down’ moments I have some … Continue reading

Press the Pause Button

  When you are feeling calm, peaceful and in control, you will have a calm, peaceful homeschooling family. Do you ever feel like you would like to press the ‘pause’ button on life? You are enjoying life, there’s lots going on. You are making progress with the children and you appreciate all the different aspects of your life.  But things … Continue reading

The Importance of Aimless Questions

Did you ever get bombarded with ‘why?’ questions?  Did it drive you mad, so that you wanted to shout ‘Shut Up!’ ?  I did.  One of my children, in particular was relentless in asking endless questions when he was a preschooler, so that there were times that my ears would be ringing and my brain aching at the end of … Continue reading

Did You Hear About Sesame Street?

On Sunday, Sesame Street videos on YouTube were hacked into and several unsuitable (R18) videos were uploaded to the site. The powers that be moved fast and the site was taken down and repaired.  But for twenty long minutes on Sunday, children with free access to the Internet or even those who just know how to go to a ‘safe place’ like Sesame Street … Continue reading

Keep Your Preschoolers Busy and Happy

Busy preschoolers can present a challenge when you are trying to teach your older children.  The little ones have a lot of energy and they can drain you of your energy quite quickly, while slowing you down as you try to teach your older ones and keep house. But I’ve found that spending some time with the tiny tots first helps to … Continue reading

Recipe Month – Recipe 2

This is the second recipe for October Recipe Month.  Fiona posted this on and Diane tried it and made comments.  It’s certainly simple and passes the ‘yummy’ test. Broccoli and Chicken Bake Recipe from Fiona Taylor’s mother-in-law With comments and suggestions from Diane Scheepers Serves four or five. Double the recipe for larger families. Ingredients *  ½ a large broccoli *  … Continue reading

Recipe Month – Recipe 1

This is my first recipe for you for October Recipe Month.  It’s an easy recipe – it’s so easy that you can teach it to any child who is able to chop veggies. Bacon and Potato Bake Serves 4 Ingredients: *  4 large potatoes, (leave unpeeled if you use organic) cut into cubes *  150 grams (6 oz) bacon slices, cut into … Continue reading

What’s For Dinner?

I was having a very busy day recently, and I finally plopped down, mid-afternoon with a cup of tea, took a breath and considered what else I needed to get through before dinner time.  Then it dawned on me that I didn’t have a single thing planned for dinner. I wasn’t worried because I just thought that I would produce … Continue reading