A Fabulous History Tour (from home to Scotland)

This week I was working with Monica and I wanted to show her a book called “Skara Brae”. I had borrowed it from the library about five years ago, and it fitted perfectly with what she was studying. But when I checked the library catalogue the book was no longer there. I did a wider search but the book just … Continue reading

Is Homeschooling Hard?

I was chatting to a homeschooling friend the other day and we started talking about whether homeschooling is hard. She said it is hard, I said it isn’t. Well, she said that it is hard, and I insisted that it isn’t hard, and this went on until we both dissolved into giggles. I’ve had this conversation before with friends about … Continue reading

You told me what you like about homeschooling

Here’s a huge THANK YOU to everyone who completed a Broad Room survey. I got a wonderful response and I found it very helpful and useful in knowing what I could do to help you and support you in your homeschooling. I now have a good idea of the age range of your children, why you are homeschooling, what you love about … Continue reading

Fingerless Gloves Pattern

Free Knitting Pattern Fingerless Gloves    This pattern is for a very simple style of fingerless gloves or wrist warmers. The gloves are knitted in a soft four-ply yarn.  I knitted mine in soft black angora.  The glove here is for a woman’s hand.  You can vary the size of the gloves and so make them for children or men … Continue reading