Free Christmas Song Lesson

Christmas is less than two weeks away, and this year at our house we are preparing musically by learning some Christmas carol duets.  I am learning and practising too, and it’s a time of the day that I look forward to very much. I just saw a wonderful free Christmas song lesson online.  I was so impressed; it’s absolutely lovely, … Continue reading

How to Teach Grammar

Here’s a fabulous, brand new, online course for parents to help them teach English grammar to their children in a fun, easy way.  And you don’t need to use grammar worksheets, English grammar exercises, or grammar games for this.  The course is called: Grammar Made Easy This is a fun-to-do 13-week, online grammar course, showing parents how to teach their … Continue reading

A Fabulous History Tour (from home to Scotland)

This week I was working with Monica and I wanted to show her a book called “Skara Brae”. I had borrowed it from the library about five years ago, and it fitted perfectly with what she was studying. But when I checked the library catalogue the book was no longer there. I did a wider search but the book just … Continue reading

How to Teach Geography

We have all got ‘World Cup Fever’ at our house! The FIFA World Cup, being hosted in South Africa, has got us all fascinated and enthralled. The matches, which, because of the time zone differences, are taking place in the middle of the night for us, mean that we are losing sleep. But all in a good cause! The New … Continue reading

How to teach your child to read

Learning to read marks a stage in growing up.  It’s a special time and it can be so much fun. But how to start?  Do you initiate reading or does the child?  Is there a right age to start?  I think that with children under the age of seven it’s best to let the child lead; if you are reading heaps to your child … Continue reading

Five Rules of Writing

When we are teaching our children to write it’s not uncommon to wonder if there are rules of writing that should be obeyed.  It’s also easy (and unwise) to wonder what children in school are learning and then try and cover all that the schools cover. And even though it’s helpful to have a good writing programme, you often come across … Continue reading

Science Without Text Books!

Science would not be in my list of ‘strong subjects’.  At high school I did ok with biology (earthworms, amoeba and hydra), but physics scared me (too much like complicated mathematics). And chemistry confused me (chemical formulae and smelly test tubes). So ‘grown up’ science was just hard and scary.  And when I first started homeschooling I found in-depth science … Continue reading