The Question We Always Ask Ourselves

What’s the question that we all shake our heads and ask ourselves and each other every November?  What is it that confuses and bewilders us and makes us gasp to ourselves and each other in surprise?

We always ask ‘Where did the time go?’  Time seems to pass faster every year, but funnily enough, we never seem to cotton on to this, so we are always confused and shake our heads in bewilderment.  I’m not sure we’ll ever ‘get it’.

Once I  have got over the shock of how  time has flown – again, I like to start early with the run up to Christmas or the wind down to the end of year.  I like to be organised and although it always feels too early, I have found that it avoids stress for me and I enjoy the whole season of preparing in a peaceful, gentle way.  So I have decided that it’s worth it to me to plan ahead and go at a gentle, mother-sized pace.

I love southern hemisphere seasons with Christmas coming in early summer, and I love the long summer holidays that follow. I love the long days, summer fruit, barbecues, outdoor time and relaxing times.   It’s very different from a northern hemisphere Christmas that we sing about, with snow, cold evenings, fires, central heating, and cosy indoor times.

Getting ready for Christmas

Whether you will be preparing for a summer Christmas or a winter Christmas, I know that involving the children and enlisting their ‘help’ can make things very entertaining. 

Craft activities are fun, but Christmas shopping is not really a child-friendly activity and it can be miserable for everyone when you are trying to shop with tired babies and acquisitive children. So to help you, I’ve made a Christmas page at Homeschool Family Life. 

You can look there for ideas and inspiration, and best of all, you can do your shopping online.  Who would prefer to drag tired, grumpy youngsters from shop to shop searching for the ‘perfect gift’ rather than a quiet evening when the children are tucked up safely asleep, while you browse and choose peacefully, from the comfort of home, enjoying a cup of your favourite beverage?

When Advent starts in December, I will add articles about preparing for Christmas from a Christian point of view, so watch out for that.

And I am looking for a new Advent devotional book for myself.  Can you recommend one?  Please email me,  Thanks. 🙂


Ready for a Summer Christmas

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