Four Things You Can STOP Doing Today

When you are homeschooling it’s easy to get too busy and be so close to what you are doing that you lose focus and start to get too tired.  Here’s four things you can stop doing straight away, and your homeschool and family life will improve.

  1. STOP trying to learn everything all at once; you will find that it’s overwhelming. Take baby steps – but do get moving. For example, start by ensuring that you all start your day in a timely manner.  And the best way to do begin on this might be to check that your house is tidy before you go to bed at a sensible time, and then set an alarm for yourself.
  2. STOP buying every shiny new homeschool product that comes out. Each one looks like it might be the full solution to all your homeschooling problems.  That’s highly unlikely.
  3. STOP participating in homeschool events if they make you feel inadequate or if they don’t interest you. Just because they are homeschooling events doesn’t mean you have to join in. You need support, to fill you, not something to drain you.
  4. STOP subscriptions from ANY homeschool email lists that make you feel like you are not doing enough, or that overwhelm you with the choices or expectations.

Things To Keep Doing

Remember that it’s what you do consistently that makes a difference.  For example, listening to your emergent-reader child read to you for just a few minutes every day will make a difference to his reading ability.  Teaching your children to come when you call their name, to always say please and thank you, and to sit quietly at reading time will ensure that these things happen in your house.  You will make steady progress, and you will see results.  Even small results count.

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Finally, I have a new survey for you; come and answer the question:“What is the best advice you have received about mothering or homeschooling?”  I will share the answers with you in my next post.

Enjoy your children,


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