How to Get Your Teenager Reading

Billy is in junior high school, he’s a fairly normal, dedicated student who loves art. But there’s something not so normal about him; he’s a half-dragon. Bonnie is also in junior high school, she’s an orphan who is constantly being shuffled from one foster home to another. She hides the same secret; she too is a half-dragon. Billy and Bonnie’s lives turn into a nightmare however when a dragon-slayer discovers their identities and tries to kill them.

This is the basic premise for Bryan Davis’ series Dragons in Our Midst. The stories are fantastical but cleverly written so as to fall into the possibility of everyday life. Several of Davis’ characters are Christians, and Davis makes several references to Scripture to support his main characters being dragons. All four books have deep underlying meanings and moral qualities.

The first book, Raising Dragons, is quite subtle, but as the books progress they begin to go deeper. A lot of the story revolves around the main characters’ choices and their ability to distinguish between good and evil. Davis clearly shows the development of their character  and their skills and the positive effect of their experiences. The books are in the same genre as the Harry Potter books, and are a good alternative.

They are great books for a holiday read; pop one of these books into your teenager’s stocking and watch out for the great pleasure of seeing your teenager lying on the sofa – reading! 

In fact, you will probably have difficulty getting them off the sofa…

 Dragons in Our Midst. by Bryan Davis

Suitable for age: Young Adult

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