Never Stop Saying Thank You

What’s your battle today?  Sometimes it’s trying to persuade a ten-year-old to write.  Other times it’s trying to convince an eight-year-old that she really does need to learn her tables.  Sometimes it’s tiredness, sleep-deprivation, morning sickness, money worries. 

Some worries are big, and some are small. Although often, during December we might worry less than usual about academics because we are hurtling towards the end of the year and focusing more on Christmas preparations.

My friend who lives on the prairie is thinking about the snow and ice.  She sent me this photo of her tall husband outside their property  (taken last winter.)


And while she is battling snow and ice in the northern hemisphere, here in New Zealand, we are battling the birds and snails who are after our berries.  We put netting over the berries, but yesterday morning I found Mrs Thrush and Mrs Sparrow having a very nice feast from inside the carefully-pegged-down netting.  Drat!


All the while, I count my blessings – that we have berries to be stolen, that my friend has heating in her house, that we have Christmas to look forward to. That we have children… 

Oh what a blessing they are!  I will never get over that blessing.  Never stop saying ‘thank you’ to God.  Never stop feeling honoured and privileged to have these wonderful people call me “Mummy”.  What a gift!

Enjoy your gifts today.


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