No Matter How Much You Love Christmas

No matter how much you love Christmas…

No matter how organised you are…

No matter how much you are enjoying this season of Advent…

At some stage over the next two weeks you will have at least one moment when you will wonder why on earth you agreed to do half the things you are doing.  You will wonder how you are going to get everything done and you’ll quite possibly have a meltdown. In front of your children.

In that moment of overwhelm, and hopefully before the meltdown, remember these two things:

  • You don’t have to do everything. Just pick a couple of things from the wide choices of things you have planned to do, and do those things only.
  • There will be another Christmas next year. And if you don’t get round to it this year, it’s okay;  you can do it next year.

Take a breath.  Breathe out through your nose. Remember that it’s only Christmas.  Get back into balance. And “rest is not selfishness”.


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