Enjoying the last couple of weeks before Easter

Often, as we get into early April, the children start to get a bit tired, they have been working hard, they sense the change of season and they are looking forward to Easter.  It’s great to have something new to pull out for them, to encourage them for a week or two with a special time of themed activities. And I’ve found just the thing for you to have a couple of fun weeks while still covering some of the basics with the children.

The Easter Activities Collection.  It comes in two main sections. 

  1. Easter Activities download which has 87 pages of maths and writing activities.
  2. Easter Games download which has 20 pages of games.

The Easter Activities section has a wide variety of work activities suitable for a range of ages from pre-schoolers up to ten-year-olds or so.  There are language and writing activities, maths activities and fun pages.
In the language activities there are things like a word search, word find, Sudoku, jumbled words, alphabet word games, jumbled sentences.  The writing pages cover things like a poem, a description, a story and lists.

The maths pages cover things like number patterns, skip counting, some clever little addition games, number puzzles, a tangram, a variety of Sudoku puzzles of different levels of difficulty and more. 

The fun pages contain several mazes, Easter cards and Easter bookmarks to make and colouring pages.

The Easter Games section is really cute.  There are seven games that you can print off in colour, laminate and store in ziplock bags and there you have it: seven smart little games to pull out and play during the lead-up to Easter. The games are dominoes, bingo, pairs, tic tac toe, and very simple board games – throw the dice and race to the end.  And there are four pencil games to print. They are so nice, and the good thing is that you choose what you want from the large selection.

As well as these things, the author, Teresa, has added a third bonus section, which is called Easter Riddle Puzzles and Game.  This has two riddle games which can be printed and laminated to make special games to play, and two pencil riddle games. Nice!

There are lots of advantages of a download:

  • You can print off multiple copies of the pages you prefer and you can use it year after year with different children. 
  • You can use different pages on different years, so it is all fresh to you and the children.
  • It doesn’t take up heaps of space on your shelf
  • It’s also very tidy, and if you keep your computer organised and make use of folders, you will be able to find it easily next year.
  • And for this download, it’s all there in one place, and easy to download, saving hours of searching on the Internet, and collecting freebies from here and there which might not be of such good quality as this one.  The timesaving alone is worth the cost!

The Easter Activities Collection is a great complement to my Easter For Families mini-course which is a free six-day course on preparing for Easter from a spiritual point of view.

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