A Visit to the Art Gallery (A4 NZ English)

A Study Guide for 5 – 15 year olds by Stephanie Walmsley

A visit to an art gallery can be an exciting, fulfilling experience, but we often put off going because we are not quite sure what to do when we get there or because we don’t know how to do follow up work with our children.

But now, instead of putting this into the ‘too hard’ basket, you can plan and enjoy your visit with the help of this study guide.

Here are the steps you can take, laid out simply and clearly, so that you can plan an art gallery series of art appreciation with your children right now.

The lesson plan and activities are suitable for a wide range of children and therefore very suitable for teaching across the age range.

This is a 2000-word booklet with a visit guide, printable chart, and lesson plan.

Price: $2.90
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