The Homeschooler’s Christmas Planner – US Letter

For most of us, the Christmas celebrations tend to sneak up on us each year, despite our determination to be better prepared ‘next year’.

But Christmas 2015 will be different.  You will be prepared, calm and organized when you use this little planner.

With nine different checklists, instructions and suggestions you will feel prepared and in control.

Happy Christmas!  

(N.B. This is the US Letter size PDF with American spellings. For an A4 size PDF with New Zealand English spellings choose the A4 version of The Homeschooler’s Christmas Planner)


FREE!  WHEN YOU BUY THIS PLANNER: “It’s Only Christmas ~ A Christian Homeschooling Mother’s Peaceful Walk Through Advent”.  Read more about this free gift here: It’s Only Christmas booklet

Price: $2.90
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