A Song for Christchurch

My songwriter friend, (wrote ‘Brother, Let Me Be Your Servant’) Richard Gillard, has written a song, a tribute to Christchurch. Listen to it here.


This song is a gift to the people of New Zealand, royalty free for, and into, the unforeseeable future.

Writing about the song, Richard says that the song is based on a hymn by Isaac Watts and may be sung to the folk tune O Waley, Waley (also known as the Water is Wide, Rockingham (When I Survey the Wondrous Cross) or any other tune of 88.88 metre. A nod here to Bruce Springsteen and his song “My City of Ruins”

I found it hard to listen and not weep.

It did help me to pray for Christchurch.

Scroll down for the lyrics of this beautiful song.


Safe Harbour Be, God of Us All.
words: Richard Gillard

1 Safe harbour be, God of us all;
In our distress bring us to peace;
And though the darkness surely falls
Your kingdom’s light will yet increase.

2 Our dreams, like towers, are all thrown down
And much we loved is buried there;
Though quakes convulse once solid ground,
Our souls shall never yield to fear.

3 Loud is the troubled earth’s distress,
But louder still our songs of praise,
For all we see thrown down today
God in his pow’r and grace will raise.

4 There is a stream, whose rippling flow
Makes music that our souls can hear —
a song we’ve come to love and know
Reminding us that God is near.

5 Our story in that song we hear;
Our Maker’s hand in history
Works day and night to draw us near,
and brings us light that we might see.

6 May we, assured of Jesus’ love,
stand strong in every troubled place.
One with the Rock that will not move,
we speak his truth and share his grace.

Copyright © West Wind Music 2 Kiwi Avenue, Maunu Whangarei 0110 N.Z.

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