Thinking Ahead

This week I printed my own copy of The Homeschooler’s Christmas Planner and settled down to organise myself in readiness for ‘the busy season’. It’s funny pulling out  a planner that you made with others in mind and then finding it so useful for yourself.  I like the planner.  I like the way it helps me get organised and focused.  … Continue reading

What Children Really Need At Christmas

In general, people ask Christmas to do too much for them. You just can’t expect Christmas to be everything that all the media hype tells you it could or should be. An important point for me to remember during December is “rest is not selfishness”. It might help to know that research shows what children really need and want for … Continue reading

Christmas Preparations

If you are rushing to get organized for Christmas don’t forget my lovely Christmas Planner which has all you  need to be organized for Christmas 2014. And if you are on my email list you will receive a discount code for these items in my November newsletter. The A4 size planner is here: The Homeschooler’s Christmas Planner. And the American … Continue reading

Darkness to Light

Sunday 1 December is the first day of Advent, the start of preparing for Christmas in Christian tradition. I thought you might like to see these wonderful photos of the annual “Darkness to Light Procession” at Salisbury Cathedral in England.  It’s absolutely magnificent, and worth a quick peep. Darkness to Light. You might enjoy looking at my eBook, ‘It’s Only … Continue reading

No Matter How Much You Love Christmas

No matter how much you love Christmas… No matter how organised you are… No matter how much you are enjoying this season of Advent… At some stage over the next two weeks you will have at least one moment when you will wonder why on earth you agreed to do half the things you are doing.  You will wonder how … Continue reading

Focus on Saint Nicholas

Who Was He? December 6 is the feast day of Saint Nicholas. Nicholas was a Christian living in the Roman province of Lycia (part of modern day Turkey) during the fourth century.  We know very little about his life, except that he was a man of great faith and he became the Bishop of Myra in Lycia.  Nicholas was known … Continue reading

Books for You for Advent

The month of December can be a few weeks of stress and chaos as we try to fit in all the extra activities and preparations for Christmas, or it can be a rich time of thoughtful and prayerful preparation for this wonderful celebration of the Incarnation. More than likely though, it will be a bit of both. Having a personal Advent devotional book is … Continue reading

Unplug The Christmas Machine

Unplug the Christmas Machine  by Jo Robinson and Jean Staeheli is a comprehensive guide to managing Christmas stress and combating commercialism. It is full of ideas for making Christmas a simpler, more meaningful celebration. It’s the most useful book on Christmas on my book shelf, and it’s probably the most useful Christmas book I’ve ever read.  It really is fabulous! The book … Continue reading

Don’t Buy Toys For Your Children

We’re heading into the Christmas season and the pressure is on from all sides to spend, spend, spend, particularly on toys for children. Now, one of the things that I have always tried to avoid with our children is buying toys for them.  That sounds pretty extreme doesn’t it?  No toys.  How sad! It’s not really sad.  Because we focused … Continue reading

An Easy Way to be Ready for Christmas

We’re in November already, with just over 50 days until Christmas.  And for us as mothers in a homeschooling family, Christmas usually means extra work.  And lots of it.  There are gifts to buy and wrap, cards to write and send, and food to buy and cook.  We’ll also want to teach the Nativity story to our children, and possibly do some … Continue reading