How to Choose an Alphabet Book

My favourite two-year-old was scrambling onto my knee with a library book for me to read to him. It was an alphabet book with beautiful pictures. As we turned the pages and chatted together about the pictures I noticed that some pages were better than others. This is often the case with alphabet books. And it’s not the beautiful pictures … Continue reading

Book and Course Recommendation

This week I received a happy surprise in the form of an email from someone who is just completing the Grammar Lessons Made Easy course.  I wrote back to Suzy and asked her if I could share her email, and she said yes! So here it is: Hi Stephanie, Just a quick email to let you know how much my … Continue reading

How to Succeed at University

By Celia Walmsley I recently graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Arts, even though I never sat a single school exam. My first exam (not counting driving test and music exams) was when I was twenty, and I was okay with it.  It wasn’t scary, I didn’t freak out, and I didn’t fail! I have found … Continue reading

Old Blue Study Guide

A review by Silvia Cashia   ‘Old Blue’ by Mary Taylor is an exquisite picture book with remarkable illustrations. The story, a true one, is fascinating.  The study guide has nothing complicated for the mom to prepare extensively for only a few minutes of children involvement.  Stephanie explains how to make reading aloud a special time, and she has compiled … Continue reading

A Visit to The Art Gallery Study Guide

by Eloïse van der Merwe Since embarking on our journey of art appreciation the Charlotte Mason way, we really savour our visits to art galleries when the opportunities arise. We soak up all we can and then spend time browsing the gallery’s shop, followed by a light lunch or mug of hot chocolate. I often get home and think of … Continue reading

How to Teach Grammar

Here’s a fabulous, brand new, online course for parents to help them teach English grammar to their children in a fun, easy way.  And you don’t need to use grammar worksheets, English grammar exercises, or grammar games for this.  The course is called: Grammar Made Easy This is a fun-to-do 13-week, online grammar course, showing parents how to teach their … Continue reading

How to teach your child to read

Learning to read marks a stage in growing up.  It’s a special time and it can be so much fun. But how to start?  Do you initiate reading or does the child?  Is there a right age to start?  I think that with children under the age of seven it’s best to let the child lead; if you are reading heaps to your child … Continue reading

Special Price Offer

I am always on the lookout for special offers for you, and this week I am really happy to report that I’ve come across a fabulous discount on a popular math and phonics program. 35% off the retail price of Saxon products for a limited period! Saxon Math Saxon is most famous for its complete homeschool mathematics program. Its strengths are its systematic … Continue reading