Do You Work?

Do you ever get asked if you work? Hmmm…  How to answer a question like that? A few years ago one of our young adult children brought a new friend home.  I like meeting people and I was soon chatting with this guy, finding out about his interests and his family.  The big thing that I remember is the way … Continue reading

The Magnificent World of Books

I have been reading Eugene Peterson’s memoir, The Pastor, and one particular chapter really warmed my heart and reminded me of the wonderful experience of home education that we can give our children.  It’s the chapter about his education, entitled, The Carnegie.  Let me quote from this superb book: The Carnegie was the public library in our town … From an … Continue reading

Four Things You Can STOP Doing Today

When you are homeschooling it’s easy to get too busy and be so close to what you are doing that you lose focus and start to get too tired.  Here’s four things you can stop doing straight away, and your homeschool and family life will improve. STOP trying to learn everything all at once; you will find that it’s overwhelming. … Continue reading

Thoughts on Homeschooling Success

Happy New Year! At about this time of the year most people will have given up on their New Year Resolutions, which usually consist of trying to lose weight, living more healthily, and going to bed earlier.  For homeschooling parents, we can add promising ourselves to read to our children more frequently and to shout at them less. When we … Continue reading

One Question You Are Sure to Get Asked

One of the questions that people always seem to ask about homeschooling is ‘What about socialization?’  The idea is that children who go to school will spend time with other children and therefore will learn how to socialize with their peers.  Whereas homeschooled children will be protected and cossetted in a boring, uninteresting environment at home, with little social interaction outside … Continue reading

How I Homeschooled in a Small Space

Have you ever seen those beautiful photographs of wonderful home-school-rooms, beautiful book shelves and lots of play space?  Little desks for everyone and masses of charming pictures and shelves groaning with equipment. I find the pictures pretty scary because there is no way I can compete with that sort of setup.  In fact, when we had a big house and … Continue reading

The Easiest Way to Enjoy Homeschooling

It’s easy to overthink how we might homeschool.  It’s easy to overplan and overworry and overreact.  It’s easy to get in a muddle and lose direction. But it’s also easy to enjoy homeschooling. I’ve got a short list of things to do and things to avoid which will help you to enjoy homeschooling.  Do have a small group of homeschool friends you … Continue reading

Ways to Enjoy Wonderful July

Have you noticed how everyone is always amazed at how fast time flies?  They gasp and comment and wonder where the time has gone as if it’s something new and surprising.  But we know it’s not new, and we shouldn’t be surprised.  We are already half way through 2012.  We are about six months away from Christmas if we look … Continue reading

Five Tips to Keep Motivated in Homeschooling

We live in a constant state of ebb and flow, don’t we? Sometimes we are up and eager and bursting with ideas and enthusiasm for homeschooling, and sometimes we are flat, unmotivated and can barely muster the energy to get through the day or speak in a civilised way to our young people. For those ‘down’ moments I have some … Continue reading

Press the Pause Button

  When you are feeling calm, peaceful and in control, you will have a calm, peaceful homeschooling family. Do you ever feel like you would like to press the ‘pause’ button on life? You are enjoying life, there’s lots going on. You are making progress with the children and you appreciate all the different aspects of your life.  But things … Continue reading