A Good Laugh and a Long Sleep

If you are feeling tired or discouraged read on. Have you seen a programme called “The IT Crowd”?  I’ve seen bits of episodes now and again, and the thing that sticks in my mind from this sit com about an office IT department is the question the IT guys often ask those who phone him for help.  He always says … Continue reading

Four Things You Can STOP Doing Today

When you are homeschooling it’s easy to get too busy and be so close to what you are doing that you lose focus and start to get too tired.  Here’s four things you can stop doing straight away, and your homeschool and family life will improve. STOP trying to learn everything all at once; you will find that it’s overwhelming. … Continue reading

How Perfect Are You?

‘If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well’ ‘Never, never, never, never give up.’ These sound like good mottos, don’t they?  They encourage us to try hard, to improve and to do our best, don’t they?  Or do they,  accidentally or on purpose, in subtle ways, encourage perfectionism? While there’s nothing wrong and a lot good about aiming to do your … Continue reading

Don’t Be Afraid to Change

Just thinking some more about the address given at my daughter’s university graduation a fortnight ago, the wise man giving the address told the young graduates that if they find that what they are doing has become so stressful that they are unhappy in their work they should not be afraid to move on. I thought this was interesting as … Continue reading

Are You Focusing On The Right Things in Homeschooling?

Do you know what is right or important to you in homeschooling your children?  Are you focusing on the right things in your homeschooling and family? When I started homeschooling in England in 1985 there was not much in the way of homeschool curriculum and there were absolutely no support groups in my area.  There was no Internet and very … Continue reading

What Home Education is Not

Did you know that homeschooling is one of the best ways to enjoy life?  Just think about it.  Ask a group of homeschoolers about what they want homeschool or home education to be. They will probably say that they like being with their children and they want to enjoy life with them and see their children take delight in learning.  … Continue reading

The Question We Always Ask Ourselves

What’s the question that we all shake our heads and ask ourselves and each other every November?  What is it that confuses and bewilders us and makes us gasp to ourselves and each other in surprise? We always ask ‘Where did the time go?’  Time seems to pass faster every year, but funnily enough, we never seem to cotton on to this, … Continue reading

Stress Management for Homeschooling Mothers

As homeschool mothers we often expect far too much of ourselves. It’s not uncommon for us to have high expectations that make life uncomfortable for ourselves and for our children. Then when our expectations are not met we are disappointed, or maybe angry. We drive ourselves harder and struggle on, saying that we will push through this ‘pain barrier’. If … Continue reading

Is Homeschooling Hard?

I was chatting to a homeschooling friend the other day and we started talking about whether homeschooling is hard. She said it is hard, I said it isn’t. Well, she said that it is hard, and I insisted that it isn’t hard, and this went on until we both dissolved into giggles. I’ve had this conversation before with friends about … Continue reading