This is Harder Than I Thought

Today is a significant day.  Today is the last day that I will be the mother of a teenager.  We’ve been parents of teenagers since February 1992.  That’s 23 years and three months of living with teens. And tomorrow that will end when our ‘baby’ turns twenty. Well she’s pleased about that.  And I’m pleased too, in many ways.  But … Continue reading

Why Homeschool Through the Teen Years?

It’s easy to homeschool little people, but when a child is going into the teen years many parents wonder about sending their child to school.  It’s a pity really, because homeschooling through the teen years has many advantages. I asked some young adults who were homeschooled through teen years what they thought of the experience.   The first two I asked … Continue reading

The Hunger Games – A Review

A lot of parents are hearing about ‘The Hunger Games’ from their teens and when they discover what the plot is about they are horrified and disgusted. It sounds like a gross trick being played on modern teens, and the parents are reluctant to become involved or allow their teens to be involved in reading the books or watching the … Continue reading

Book Review Theodore Boone

Here’s a fabulous little book to pop into your teen’s Christmas stocking.  It would suit reluctant readers simply because it’s such a readable book, and it will appeal to boys, too.  Read Monica’s review… Theodore Boone By John Grisham Suitable for readers age 13 + John Grisham usually writes lawyers stories for adults, but he has also started a new series for … Continue reading

The Wednesday Wars – Book Review

The Wednesday Wars By Gary D. Schmidt Published 2007 by Sandpiper Reviewed by Monica Walmsley Holling Hoodhood is a thirteen-year-old, struggling with home life, school life and his form teacher, Mrs Baker, in New York in the 1960s. With half of his class being Jewish and having to attend Hebrew School at Temple Beth-El on Wednesday afternoons and  the other … Continue reading

Home Education in its Fullest Sense

It’s funny how one experience impacts on another, isn’t it? A few days ago, I was email-chatting with someone who was thinking about moving to live in New Zealand and we had talked about the advantages of living in different places.  Then at the weekend, Philip and I went to Tiritiri Matangi  for the day with our two teenagers. And I found myself … Continue reading

How You Can Teach Those Difficult Subjects

When you started considering homeschooling did you wonder about how you would teach those difficult subjects that are not your strong subject, or that you failed at yourself at school? Were you afraid that your child would miss out because you couldn’t teach him? Homeschooling doesn’t mean that your child needs to miss out on what you can’t teach him. … Continue reading

How Do You Keep Your Children Safe Online?

Facebook for Homeschoolers? Over the Easter holiday break, our youngest daughter, (16 years old) finally joined Facebook.  She had been resisting joining, partly because of all the negative press she had received from her dad and me about it.  And she had held off for a very long time. But things had reached a point where she was one of the … Continue reading

A Download for Your Children

A Feel-Good Day Last Friday was a worldwide ‘Feel-Good Day’.  Who couldn’t be wooed and impressed by the beautiful wedding that was watched by millions around the world?  Here was good news.  Here was something going right.  Here was happiness and goodwill. No wonder we got a bit of a warm glow from it. I would like to add some … Continue reading