This is Harder Than I Thought

Today is a significant day.  Today is the last day that I will be the mother of a teenager.  We’ve been parents of teenagers since February 1992.  That’s 23 years and three months of living with teens.

And tomorrow that will end when our ‘baby’ turns twenty.

Well she’s pleased about that.  And I’m pleased too, in many ways.  But today it hit me that from tomorrow this season is finished.Monica's shoes I talked to our teenager about this and she wisely said that tomorrow is just another day and nothing else has changed.  Things will continue as before.

But it *feels* different. Do you know what I mean?  Not that things will have changed significantly but my perception of things changes.

I have found parenting teenagers to be so rewarding. They are fun, hard work, precious, confusing, wonderful, exasperating, and delightful.  Appreciate your teens today if you have them.

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