Two Best Science Books

I have chosen two top science book titles for you – books recommended by homeschoolers.  (Thanks so much to these kind homeschoolers who shared the titles and told me why they liked the books.)

Science Rocks! by Ian Graham. Published by Dorling Kindersley.
Each experiment only takes up one page to describe, making them not too complicated and the equipment needed isn’t too tricky to get. But, best of all, the experiments actually work most of the time just as they should! There are explanations of why things happen and helpful information. My 9-15 year olds love the book and so do I.

Hands-On Science 20 Themes Evan-Moor Educational Publishers
This book covers life, physical and earth science. It contains teaching tips and process skills and each theme states objectives, prep., background info. extension ideas, materials required (accessible) and all the work is able to be photocopied into booklet form if desired. Simply Science and Science made simple.

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I hope this helps to make science even more fun at your house. 🙂

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