Unplug The Christmas Machine

Unplug the Christmas Machine  by Jo Robinson and Jean Staeheli is a comprehensive guide to managing Christmas stress and combating commercialism.

It is full of ideas for making Christmas a simpler, more meaningful celebration. It’s the most useful book on Christmas on my book shelf, and it’s probably the most useful Christmas book I’ve ever read.  It really is fabulous!

The book reveals why Christmas is bound to disappoint most people, what people expect from Christmas and how to deal with those unrealistic expectations.  And it also discusses the research on what children really need and want for Christmas.

Traditions are discussed; we learn how they help children and how to make our own traditions if you don’t already have them.  There are ideas for working out Christmas preparation, how to make calendars and plans and how to ensure that we are not paying for Christmas all year long.

I like the way the book helps me to work out what parts of Christmas are most deserving of my efforts, how to make things easy, how to find stocking fillers and how to entertain simply.

And finally, I think one very important point from Unplug the Christmas Machine that I like to try and remember during December is, “rest is not selfishness”.   This book is really worth the money, and I recommend you get a copy for your own book shelf.

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Unplug The Christmas Machine — 1 Comment

  1. I remember this book coming up for discussion at several seminars and groups I have been to. The ideas really are so good and managable. We have been ‘unplugging’ slowly over the years and enjoying it!