What is the Difference Between a Vision and a Goal?

We all have dreams and visions for our children and our homeschooling, but sometimes (often) things don’t go the way we expect or would like. Some events are out of our control, but sometimes we can actually behave differently and get a desired result.Vision and Goal

To help you to achieve your desired results, you need to have a clear understanding of your visions and goals.

You have a vision when you have a big picture of where you want to go.

You have a goal when you have a specific milestone to help you get closer to your vision.

What Does a Vision Look Like?

A vision is a long term view

A vision describes your values.

A vision is a source of inspiration.

It refers to where you would like to be in the future.

What Does a Goal Look Like?

A goal is specific and measurable.

A goal focuses your vision.

A goal is attainable and has a deadline.

A goal can be a milestone on the road to achieving your vision.

You can have lots of interconnecting goals.

Let me give you two examples of visions and goals:

An Example of a Vision

To create a lifelong love of mathematics in your child.

An Example of Goals to Match That Vision

Short term: teach your eight-year-old her four times tables before the end of the month.

Medium term: Join the ‘mathematics is fun club’ next year when she is old enough to join.

Long term: Complete the mathematics curriculum and go to the mathematics camps each year.

An Example of a Vision:

To foster and encourage your child’s love of the piano.

An Example of Goals to Match That Vision:

Short term: weekly lessons and daily practice to learn “Fur Elise”.

Medium term: Play in the end of year concert.

Long term: Achieve Grade Eight in piano by age 16.

Three Things to Remember About Your Goals

1. It’s very important to write your goals down, and keep them in sight.  You can write them in your diary or planner. You can write them on a whiteboard or a piece of paper. The important thing is that you do actually write them down.   Studies have shown that those who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them.

2. Re-evaluate your goals periodically.

3. When you reach a goal, be sure to celebrate in some way before setting the next goal.


1. Write down one goal, and put it where you and the children can see it.

2. Make your goal specific, achievable and with a deadline.

3. Consider getting your child to set a goal for herself.


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  1. Yes – a vision is a source of inspiration and goals help us to achieve it. This helps me to see how goals have a context so that when I don’t want to do something, I can see that it is helping me get one step closer to achieving my vision. Thanks .

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