What’s For Dinner?

Menu planning for Homeschoolers

I was having a very busy day recently, and I finally plopped down, mid-afternoon with a cup of tea, took a breath and considered what else I needed to get through before dinner time.  Then it dawned on me that I didn’t have a single thing planned for dinner.

I wasn’t worried because I just thought that I would produce one of my staple meals.  But then I couldn’t think of any of those.  In that moment I couldn’t remember a single dinner menu. I could not think what we’d be having for dinner.

Now, I know we all get days like this, so I have designated October as Recipe Month.  I will post lots of simple, successful family meal recipes for you to collect.  Then when you have your ‘what’s for dinner?’ moment, you will be able to look at your list. And the actual act of preparing this will sharpen up my own menu-memory-skills.

As well as that I have spent some time making some menu planning sheets for you.  You can print these off and add to them over several days or weeks.  Use a fridge magnet or some Blutack to keep the page in a handy spot in your kitchen. When your first planning sheet is full, print a new sheet and put your first sheet in a folder for reference.  Over time you will build up a good collection of family-friendly meals for your busy homeschooling family.

Click here for your menu planning sheets

These menu planning sheets will be available until the end of October 2011.

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