Free Downloads of e-books

The Book Depository has just launched a new service of  free downloads of over 11,000 ebooks. The books are totally free to download and there is a wonderful choice  of books. Some titles that you might like to look at: What Katy Did A Child’s History of Spain The Adventure of Two Dutch Dolls and a ‘Golliwogg’ (Illustrated Edition) The Jungle Book by … Continue reading

Book Mark Design

Who can resist a talent competition? Especially something as fun as designing a book mark!  This is a world-wide competition,  and a no-age-restriction competition.  So if you live in Timbuktu or Timaru, if you are four years old, or one hundred and four years old, you are eligble to enter.  Up to one million book marks of the best ten designs will be printed.  … Continue reading

Fresh Ideas for Dealing with a Difficult Child

I am still fighting a battle against the snails and birds who are determined to eat all our strawberries! I have a strawberry bed and a strawberry pot; the snails are eating the strawberries in the bed and the birds are enjoying pecking through the netting around the pot to get their strawberry tea. This morning I found a snail … Continue reading