Why Homeschooling Can Be So Good For Teens

When I recently offered a best selling, award-winning novel about a teenage boy to a teenage boy that I tutor he was baffled. Why would I suggest that he read this book when it wasn’t on his school reading list and his mother wasn’t insisting that he read it? This is a top-performing student attending a top high school. And … Continue reading

A Fabulous History Tour (from home to Scotland)

This week I was working with Monica and I wanted to show her a book called “Skara Brae”. I had borrowed it from the library about five years ago, and it fitted perfectly with what she was studying. But when I checked the library catalogue the book was no longer there. I did a wider search but the book just … Continue reading

Celebrate Homeschooling!

The Old Schoolhouse is having another expo, and the tickets are now on sale. And I have some very nice news; if you register before Sunday, you will get a $5 coupon. But you will need to be quick, as last time the expo sold out really fast. The speaker list is looking really good, with 17 speakers including Jeannie … Continue reading

Is Homeschooling Hard?

I was chatting to a homeschooling friend the other day and we started talking about whether homeschooling is hard. She said it is hard, I said it isn’t. Well, she said that it is hard, and I insisted that it isn’t hard, and this went on until we both dissolved into giggles. I’ve had this conversation before with friends about … Continue reading

The Secret to Well Behaved Children

Psychologist Dr Aric Sigman is in New Zealand and has been in the news this week. Aric Sigman is is a fellow of the Britain’s Royal Society of Medicine, and the author of a fabulous book called Remotely Controlled which discusses the danger of television viewing for children.  (The danger is in the act of watching, rather than the content.) … Continue reading