What Home Education is Not

Did you know that homeschooling is one of the best ways to enjoy life?  Just think about it.  Ask a group of homeschoolers about what they want homeschool or home education to be. They will probably say that they like being with their children and they want to enjoy life with them and see their children take delight in learning.  … Continue reading

Old Blue Study Guide

A review by Silvia Cashia   ‘Old Blue’ by Mary Taylor is an exquisite picture book with remarkable illustrations. The story, a true one, is fascinating.  The study guide has nothing complicated for the mom to prepare extensively for only a few minutes of children involvement.  Stephanie explains how to make reading aloud a special time, and she has compiled … Continue reading

A Visit to The Art Gallery Study Guide

by Eloïse van der Merwe Since embarking on our journey of art appreciation the Charlotte Mason way, we really savour our visits to art galleries when the opportunities arise. We soak up all we can and then spend time browsing the gallery’s shop, followed by a light lunch or mug of hot chocolate. I often get home and think of … Continue reading

The Secret Ingredient to a Balanced Life

Life has felt a bit strange the past couple of weeks.  Not abnormal, but not normal.  Just strange.  (See It feels like an earthquake) And an unexpected epiphany has happened within me.  I am remembering what my vision is.  One aspect of my vision had become so important to me that it had started to grow out of proportion and … Continue reading

It feels like an earthquake

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan have shocked the world.  For us in New Zealand, it seems to have a deeper meaning because we have so recently experienced an earthquake first-hand or observed it up close.  Photographs and videos of devastation shock us.  But it’s the photos of young parents holding very small children while a man in a protective suit waves some … Continue reading

A Song for Christchurch

My songwriter friend, (wrote ‘Brother, Let Me Be Your Servant’) Richard Gillard, has written a song, a tribute to Christchurch. Listen to it here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rplobKsj54Q This song is a gift to the people of New Zealand, royalty free for, and into, the unforeseeable future. Writing about the song, Richard says that the song is based on a hymn by Isaac … Continue reading