6 Ways to Save Money at the Supermarket

(And three frustration relievers to make the trip more bearable) Rising food and fuel costs mean that we are constantly being challenged to make our dollars stretch further. And as homeschooling mothers, we really need to stretch those dollars, as most of us are managing on one salary.  I’ve got a few tips here to help you shop wisely and … Continue reading

Don’t Be Afraid to Change

Just thinking some more about the address given at my daughter’s university graduation a fortnight ago, the wise man giving the address told the young graduates that if they find that what they are doing has become so stressful that they are unhappy in their work they should not be afraid to move on. I thought this was interesting as … Continue reading

How to Succeed at University

By Celia Walmsley I recently graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Arts, even though I never sat a single school exam. My first exam (not counting driving test and music exams) was when I was twenty, and I was okay with it.  It wasn’t scary, I didn’t freak out, and I didn’t fail! I have found … Continue reading

What’s More Important Than Cleverness?

Last week we had a very happy day when our daughter graduated from the University of Auckland.  This young woman has never been to school and never sat an exam before the age of 20.  She loved studying and she did so well in her course that she was offered post-graduate study.  There were a lot of happy moments on her … Continue reading

A Download for Your Children

A Feel-Good Day Last Friday was a worldwide ‘Feel-Good Day’.  Who couldn’t be wooed and impressed by the beautiful wedding that was watched by millions around the world?  Here was good news.  Here was something going right.  Here was happiness and goodwill. No wonder we got a bit of a warm glow from it. I would like to add some … Continue reading