The Elements – Reviews of the book, cards and a calendar

The Elements; a Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe By Theodore Gray and Nick Mann Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers Inc. 2009 Reviewed by Monica Walmsley The Elements is a well laid out, colourful, coffee-table-style book on the subject of the Periodic Table. The book begins with an introduction to the Periodic Table and how it got … Continue reading

Home Education in its Fullest Sense

It’s funny how one experience impacts on another, isn’t it? A few days ago, I was email-chatting with someone who was thinking about moving to live in New Zealand and we had talked about the advantages of living in different places.  Then at the weekend, Philip and I went to Tiritiri Matangi  for the day with our two teenagers. And I found myself … Continue reading

How You Can Teach Those Difficult Subjects

When you started considering homeschooling did you wonder about how you would teach those difficult subjects that are not your strong subject, or that you failed at yourself at school? Were you afraid that your child would miss out because you couldn’t teach him? Homeschooling doesn’t mean that your child needs to miss out on what you can’t teach him. … Continue reading

July is a Good Month

July really is a good month for taking a break, having a rest, catching up with friends, being refreshed and generally having a change of pace. Both for you and for your children! I took July off from homeschooling and from writing articles for Homeschool Family Life and that gave me time to catch up, and work on things like cleaning … Continue reading