The Hunger Games – A Review

A lot of parents are hearing about ‘The Hunger Games’ from their teens and when they discover what the plot is about they are horrified and disgusted. It sounds like a gross trick being played on modern teens, and the parents are reluctant to become involved or allow their teens to be involved in reading the books or watching the … Continue reading

Special Offer for Budding Scientists

In the process of migrating to this new website I was email chatting with Robert Krampf, the ‘Happy Scientist’ and he has made a very special offer to my readers. If you go to The Happy Scientist through this link you can get a $3 discount on your subscription by using this code: FAMILYLIFE I have subscribed for my children … Continue reading

Step Away From the Keyboard!

– Why You Don’t Want to Allow Your Alphabet Learner Near the Keyboard You probably noticed that when I talked about the different ways to help your new writer to develop his writing skills in Easy Alphabet Learning I didn’t mention ‘keyboard’ in the list.  There’s a reason for that, and it’s not that your little person won’t be interested in your … Continue reading

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