Homeschooling with a Newborn

An interview with a homeschool mother of six. Erin Parkinson is homeschooling her six children in Auckland NZ.  We chatted when her youngest child was three months old. STEPHANIE: Hi Erin, congratulations on Jeremiah’s birth.  How old is he now? ERIN: Hi Stephanie, Jeremiah is three months old now, and our oldest is nine, so life is very busy. STEPHANIE: … Continue reading

Why A Fancy Washing Machine Might be a Bad Idea

Our elderly dishwasher finally gave up the ghost last week.  It had been warning me for a while that all was not well, so we were prepared for it to go. The new dishwasher is delighting us all with how quiet it is, how clean it gets the dishes, and how neat and tidy it looks. Some dishwashers are really … Continue reading