The Easiest Way to Enjoy Homeschooling

It’s easy to overthink how we might homeschool.  It’s easy to overplan and overworry and overreact.  It’s easy to get in a muddle and lose direction. But it’s also easy to enjoy homeschooling. I’ve got a short list of things to do and things to avoid which will help you to enjoy homeschooling.  Do have a small group of homeschool friends you … Continue reading

I Have Stopped Homeschooling

Our youngest child has tidied her desk, sorted her shelves, and packed her best work into a box to go into the attic to be kept. She has tidied her wardrobe and drawers and is preparing to go off to Bible School for six months. It feels momentous, huge and scary. For me, not her. It’s 27½ years since we … Continue reading