A Problem with List Making

… the real work is unseen. I like lists and I like ticking tasks off my to-do list as I complete them.  It improves my efficiency, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment, and I like the sense of achievement I see in children when they see tasks completed well.  But one problem with making a list is that … Continue reading

The Fastest Way to Write

My husband works on a computer keyboard all day.  It’s his work.  And he can type pretty fast for two-finger-typist.  But he can write as fast or even faster with a pen and paper.    On the other hand, I spent a couple of weeks doing a touch-typing course when I got my first computer, and I can type faster … Continue reading

How to Improve Your Homeschooling Efficiency

Life is so busy in a homeschooling family.  Often it’s happy busy, but sometimes it’s stressful too. One way to handle the busy-ness is to make a list of things you need to do. It helps you to focus. It increases the chances of things being done. It helps prevent things being forgotten. But a to-do list needs to be … Continue reading