Why Bother With Advent?

Today, 28 November is the first Sunday of Advent.  So what’s Advent and why should we, as homeschoolers, bother with it? Advent is the four weeks leading to Christmas Day. It’s a time for preparing for Christmas from a spiritual point of view. It’s focusing on the why of Christmas, rather than focusing on the what of Christmas. If you … Continue reading

Book Review by Sheena Harris

I was very pleased when homeschooler, Sheena Harris, reviewed my book, Successful Homeschooling Made Easy.  Here’s what she had to say. Successful Homeschooling Made Easy by Stephanie Walmsley Reviewed by Sheena Harris For anyone who has embarked upon the journey of home educating their children, they would know just how daunting it can seem.  For those yet to begin – … Continue reading

Teaching Picture Study to Your Children

On Monday 15 November at 7.30 pm (NZ Daylight Saving Time) I’ll be giving a presentation on a Zoom call for HEART Northland. The topic is How to do a Picture Study with Your Children – A simple, easy and fun way to introduce your children to great works of art. I will talk about the why, how and what … Continue reading

How to Have a Peaceful Christmas

Every December the world moves into a frenzy of shopping, end-of-year preparations, and crazy busy-ness. And this year, despite a three-month lockdown for Auckland Region, restrictions in the rest of New Zealand, and various levels of freedoms around the world, I don’t expect things will be easier or quieter. They’ll be different, but still busy. To help homeschoolers I have … Continue reading