A Long Weekend

My lovely hubby and I were able to Banks Peninsular Sceneryspend a couple of days in the beautiful South Island recently.  We had three days to spend and we decided to go to Banks Peninsular and visit Akaroa which we had long wanted to visit.  We arrived on Friday afternoon, hired a little car and drove to Little River on Banks Peninsular, about half an hour from Akaroa.

The scenery is quite amazing there; so different from Christchurch and the Canterbury plain. We stayed at a cute B&B and on Saturday morning we drove to Akaroa.   Akaroa Harbour from Hill Top We spent the morning seeing the picturesque village of Akaroa…Akaroa, Banks Peninsular, NZ

and then went on a sailing boat in the afternoon.Sailing at Akaroa  We saw beautiful Hector’s dolphins when we were out on the harbour. They are beautiful, and unfortunately, seriously endangered.Hector's Dolphins Swimming Round the Boat On Sunday we went to a couple of alpaca farms. Alpacas Are Okay with Halters Alpacas are absolutely gorgeous – gentle, peaceful… Gentle Apacas beautiful soft fleeces, friendly… Friendly Apaca I have fallen in love with them, and I would love to own a couple of the little guys. Baby AlpacaOn Monday we went into Christchurch for first time since the February 2011 earthquake.  Previously we have driven past and avoided the city centre.  I steeled myself and I thought it would be okay, but it was harder than I thought it would be and it made me very sad.  The city centre is so quiet, it’s like a Sunday afternoon when the shops are closed.  It’s easy to park and there’s not much going on.  We saw a couple of building sites, but we saw heaps of flattened spaces where big buildings used to be.  The cathedral is derelict and it was hard to get your bearings with so many beloved landmark buildings gone.IMG_20150223_125938 We also went to the new ‘cardboard cathedral’. Christchurch CathedralIt is absolutely beautiful. IMG_20150223_120705 IMG_20150223_120916They told us that people come from all over the world to see it, and it never fails to impress. IMG_20150223_123918 It certainly impressed me and I was at a loss for words to describe it.  It stands as a symbol of hope for the future.  Christchurch is already looking beautiful again.



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