Always Learning

I love having an attitude of learning happening all the time and throughout life. I’m thinking of John Holt’s book, Never Too Late which tells the story of him learning to play the cello when he was in his forties. And I had an unusual  and really fun learning experience last weekend.


All ready to go

I was given a gift of a flying lesson. My first flying lesson. In a tiny, four-seater Cessna. Philip and one of our sons also got a lesson, so the three of us had a whale of a time on Saturday afternoon. It was wonderful to see so many familiar landmarks from 1500 feet up.

Beautiful views

We actually were able to fly over our house and two of our daughters were there and came out and waved! Oh so much fun!

We flew over our house

Later on we talked about serious flying lessons, how expensive it is, and how cool it would be to own a little plane and where we would go with it. It’s all day dreaming, but fun anyway.

Still smiling at the end - it must have been fun!

Still smiling at the end – it must have been fun!

This was a rare adventure in fun learning, and I’m so grateful for it.

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