Book Review – Shakespeare by Bill Bryson

Reviewed by Monica Walmsley

Shakespeare; The World as a Stage

In his book Shakespeare Bill Bryson goes on an in-depth exploration into the life, times and background of William Shakespeare. He talks about topics ranging from Shakespeare’s name and signature to the different monarchs he worked under. He gives little-known information not only about the man himself and his plays but also about the other playwrights of time, the origin of Shakespeare’s plays and the meanings behind them. He discusses the lost plays and the possibility of the plays being written by someone other than Shakespeare.

Bill Bryson has created an interesting, informative book about Shakespeare, his times and his plays. The chapters are a bit long but the writing is easy to follow and, in his usual style, Bill Bryson has filled the book with material above and beyond what is expected, including a fascinating array of facts and titbits that are not very widely known. This book is a good read as well as a good reference book on William Shakespeare.

Recommended 16+ (probably not suitable for younger readers because of content, rather than interest level).

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