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Books are great for Christmas presents and for Christmas stockings, but often we struggle to find titles that will suit older boys.  So I am delighted to have some book reviews from young men. These reviews are from Seth Campbell.  (Thank you Seth.)




“King’s Arrow”  by Douglas Bond

Reviewed by Seth Campbell. Age 13
Time period: 1679
Angus M’Kethe is a 16-year-old Scottish Covenanter. His weapon of choice is the Bow! He uses this to guard his father’s sheep from scavenging crows. He is loyal to his family in their life and death struggle against the Highlanders and the Royalists. Fear grips the M’Kethe Clan when they hear of an unexpected murder! Will Covenanters or Royalists be found guilty? Angus’s manhood and skill with the bow will be tested at the Battle of Drumclog!

What I learnt:
To trust in God no matter what, as Sandy M’Kethe did

I enjoyed reading this book because it was set in Scotland and Angus is a boy around my age. I would encourage others to read this book. It is part two in the Crown & Covenant series.

(suitable for teens and preteens)



End of the Spear: A True Story”   By  Steve Saint

Reviewed by Seth Campbell. Age 13.
This book is about Steve Saint’s life before and after his Dad was killed by the Waodani.  It gives the true story of what actually happened to Steve Saint’s dad and it talks about how God turned Mincaye’s heart around and he adopts Steve Saint and his family.

My favourite part was when Mincaye went to visit the USA because of all the funny questions he asked. I tried to choose a favourite character but I couldn’t decide between Steve Saint and Mincaye, because Steve was a pilot and Mincaye had a sense of humour.

I learnt the real name of the Aucas is the Waodani, as everything I had seen and read alled them Aucas.

I liked how the Waodani wanted Steve Saint to come and live with them and teach them how to make and use the Cowodi’s (foreigner)  medicine and machines.

I would highly recommend the book to everybody, because it is a very interesting book and it shows you different ways God works in people’s lives.

From the back cover of this book:

‘“When I was a boy, I cried. But now I see it well.”

‘Steve Saint was only five years old when his father was brutally killed by the most savage culture of people ever known. But in a story almost too amazing to be true, Steve came to know—and even love—the very men who had driven the spears into his father’s body.

‘In End of the Spear, Steve embarks on an adventure story that is part Indiana Jones, part love story, and part spiritual quest. Decades after the spearing, Steve and his family leave the United States to live among the Waodani. Striving to mesh these two worlds, Steve finally discovers the truth surrounding his father’s tragic death.

‘Also the inspiration for a major motion picture, Steve’s incredible true story is one of daunting challenges, agonizing losses, and thrilling rewards—all scripted by the One who weaves together the story of every life.’



If you have any book recommendations or reviews, I’d be delighted to hear from you. And if your children would like to see their book reviews here, you know what to do! 🙂


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