Did You Hear About Sesame Street?

On Sunday, Sesame Street videos on YouTube were hacked into and several unsuitable (R18) videos were uploaded to the site.

The powers that be moved fast and the site was taken down and repaired.  But for twenty long minutes on Sunday, children with free access to the Internet or even those who just know how to go to a ‘safe place’ like Sesame Street YouTube videos by themselves, were at risk and some were subjected to things that no child should have to face.

The Internet is a wonderful way to learn and enjoy the world, but I can’t emphasise enough that I believe no child should ever have unsupervised access to the Internet.  It’s not about trusting your child; it’s about protecting him because you can’t trust others.

So how do we protect our children?

The first thing to remember is that the Internet is here and it’s a part of our lives.  We can’t hide from it and we can’t hide our children from it.  BUT! We do need to be informed.

We need to understand the basics of the Internet, we need to be aware of what’s available and what risks there are, and we need to be in authority, guiding our children from a position of knowledge and wisdom.

To help homeschooling parents I did some research, and I’ve produced a short eBook to show you what you can do to keep your family safe.

“Cyber Safety for Homeschool Families; What to Watch Out For, and How to Protect Your Children on the Internet” walks you through some of the basics of Internet safety, shows you the risks, and gives you information on protecting your family.

It covers cell phones, cyber bullies, blogging, message boards and forums. It also takes you on a tour of two Internet safety products, and there is a ‘Cyber Safety Contract’ that you can print and use with your child.

This week I am putting the book on 50% OFF special discount to encourage you to download your own copy of this book and keep your children safe. Click on the link below to find out the details.

Cyber Safety for Homeschool Families; What to Watch Out For, and How to Protect Your Children on the Internet


Let’s protect our children and preserve their childhood and innocence.


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