Five Tips to Keep Motivated in Homeschooling

We live in a constant state of ebb and flow, don’t we? Sometimes we are up and eager and bursting with ideas and enthusiasm for homeschooling, and sometimes we are flat, unmotivated and can barely muster the energy to get through the day or speak in a civilised way to our young people.

For those ‘down’ moments I have some tips to help you keep going until you perk up and get into gear again.

1. Make a weekly plan and write it down.

Writing things down can really help to lift the burden off you. You free up your thoughts to concentrate more on the moment and the children and task in front of you, rather than being worried about all the things you are not doing today.

2. Keep a list of things to do.

Writing tasks on your list will help you to feel as though some progress is being made.

3. Cross off any unimportant, busy work from the list.

Once things are written down, you may be able to see which of these things are unimportant and don’t need to be done. Then you can cross these things off your list immediately. This will make you feel doubly better – your list is written down, and it’s not as long as you thought it was.

4. Give yourself a realistic list of things to do today.

We usually give ourselves way too much to do, so try to make your list much shorter than you think you can manage. Then work on just one thing at a time. When you and the children have achieved one thing, reward yourself with a tick on your list. Then do the next thing.

5. Don’t try to fit too much into your children’s day.

Your children are not mature adults and they WILL work more slowly than you. If you set too hard a pace they will be overwhelmed and so will you. You will lose their interest and co-operation. Just do one thing at a time and do it well.

If you would like me to help you get really well organized and enjoy the wonderful lifestyle of homeschooling, it would be my pleasure.

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