How to Have a Peaceful Christmas

Every December the world moves into a frenzy of shopping, end-of-year preparations, and crazy busy-ness. And this year, despite a three-month lockdown for Auckland Region, restrictions in the rest of New Zealand, and various levels of freedoms around the world, I don’t expect things will be easier or quieter. They’ll be different, but still busy.

To help homeschoolers I have the Homeschooler’s Christmas Planner  This is a lovely planner for you to download and print.  It will help you to keep organised and in control of your Christmas plans.  You might not use all the pages, but there are plenty of pages for you to look at and then you use the ones that suit you and your plans. (N.B. This is the new 2021 planner. I have been making this for many years and I make a new one for each year to keep you up to date.)

And I also have a companion book to the Christmas Planner written for Christian homeschoolers.  It’s probably my most personal book, and has prayers, thoughts and notes on Christmas, the true meaning of Christmas, and how to prepare with your children.   Here it is:  It’s Only Christmas.  

Both these eBooks are available free for you to download. I want you to enjoy the Christmas  preparations as well as the Christmas holidays.  Happy Advent to you.



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